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Second Amendment rights are more important than most people realize.

In this country (US), citizens have the constitutional right to bear arms
(protection, safety, hunting, sport, etc)

with any right comes the reality of responsibility to exercise said right safely and respectfully.
(as an NRA member and instructor I teach this responsibility and ability to others)

These classes are remarkably informative, comprehensive, engaging, even fun.
(Equipping people with knowledge should be enjoyable)


Confidence Through Competence

To Take Any of These Courses:

  1. make your payment
  2. reach out to me for desired date (or dates) and I will reply with confirmation
    (include: First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone, email, Age, Gender, Date, Time, (and Location for Tactical Course).
    * wifi access will be required for tactical course in your location.

Tactical/Defense Training – S.E.R.T. (non NRA)

Defensive use of a pistol is very different from range use and shooting. The differences separate those who may survive an attack or fail to protect themselves or loved ones (thinking they were ready).

I highly recommend this class to anyone who has their LTC.

The Tactical/Defense Training is a 2 hr  (per person) course
(This course applies shooting fundamentals in a defensive home based scenario to acquaint the shooter with real life stress based defense.  Learning how defensive shooting differs from target shooting (methods and results), multiple targets, handling corners, cover and concealment, and is meant to be taught in the student’s own home. 

 (this course is completely  hands-on using laser training pistols.)
*Taught in your home for $100/person (2 hrs per person).


NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course

– Instructor Led (NRA Certified) that I am teaching: (this comprehensive course will equip the student with: stance, hands-on training and experience with firearms, aiming, accuracy, safety, gun cleaning, gun storage, range etiquette, proper gun selection, etc.)

The following Instructor Led Courses are approx. 8 hrs long (and finish with visit to range for live fire qualification)

(and are the official NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course
required to apply for your MA  License To Carry)


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