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Love and Power Conference in West Springfield, MA. Attended this with my wife who encouraged me the entire weekend.

shofar freestyle video

Started out by myself. Simply sounding over the conference, welcoming the saints, and welcoming God.

I was joined by two more brothers by the following afternoon (sharing tips, hugs, and fellowship)

Sounded outside the convention center to gather a crowd for a street evangelist who was part of our group …

teaching a young boy about shofars (this little guy was plugged in for the entire conference and was even praying for people as ).

How to sound one !

More heart than lungs, but I was actually finding myself telling him to blow with less pressure to help him hit the lower note.

Here’s an example of childlike faith giving “all” (I wish more of us “wise adults” could learn to just try before talking ourselves out of things)

sounding a shofar

Happy kid, Happy God !



Shofar Evangelism (a video of what I say and do)

Lessons from a Shofar


Are you ready and willing to be His instrument ?

εν διακονια τω θεω, Dave Cadieux

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