Watchmen Photos

08/03/2017 Trusted God and went shofar evangelizing.

It started at Clasky Commons Park. Ozy and I both felt called to the park for evangelism, but each of us also felt compelled to bring our shofars (which we had never blown in public before) and didn’t tell the other we were bringing them ! Jacob also showed up as well as My wife and Tyler H..

We were able to share with at least 8 people from what I could tell. Prayed with most and one person for healed from a problem with their leg.

There was an old man that refused to make eye contact with me even when I walked over to him to say hello. Jacob was trying to stay close by and pray for him and discerned that he had a demon. I later tried to talk to him again and he told me (with much anger) to keep away from him. We all prayed for him as he left.

Obedience was rewarded for sure)

08/04/2017 Purchased a Full Size Shofar

This is a professional shofar 48″ and sounds great ! (ram’s horn at top, with the smaller 36″ yemenite in middle, and new 48″ yemenite at bottom)

Got home all excited to tell Sue about it only to have her call me because her car wouldn’t start and she was stranded in Wareham !

Guess I’ll wait a day or so to tell her about the shofar after all ?  LOL

08/11/2017 Colt state park

Jonathan listened to testimony and took track

Brady and Melinda listened to testimony, talked about themselves, prayed for Brady (who has autism and ADHD) who reads bible, blew my shofar and let me pray for him while Sue prayed for Melinda while her sister listened

Vic and Anne listened to testimony and says he prays everyday

David and Michelle listened to testimony and took track

7-8 YMCA kids asked about shofar asked me to blow again and teacher took tract

Spent some time talking with Dave and Sharon, Christians and married for 59 years. We encouraged each other and shared testimonies with each other

Two men asked about shofar while lady listened to me give testimony

Teenage girl was entranced by shofar and took a track

Two more Christian ladies who wanted to hear the shofar Julia and ? and kianna (grand daughter)

Manny DeMello said hello to Ben (Tim prayed for us to be effective ministers)

Excellent day with God … He certainly blessed our faith in Him.

09/04/2017 Shofar Evangelism at Buttonwood Park

Went great! Four people (out of a group of six listening at one time) accepted Christ and prayed with me

Also prayed for young man with mother

Also debated Cindy who said she was a Christian but was not into that born again nonsense and said she would get into heaven by being good

Also met young couple who attended a Nazarene church and he might be interested in learning how to blow a shofar

Tyler and Ashlei went as well and Tyler responded well to some evangelical role playing to get him used to explaining his faith 🙂

09/09/2017 God in Our City

Great day

Blowing in front of city hall

shofar new bedford team

09/14/2017 Shofar evangelism

In. Buttonwood Park

Took Tyler with me l. Started with guy who agreed that Jesus was God but would not agree to anything He was quoted as saying in the Bible since “organized religion had distorted anything”. I basically asked him why he bothered believing Jesus was God if he was going to claim that everything in the Bible could not be trusted ?

Two people got saved a little after that!

09/22/2017 Tyler H. Presented with Shofar

at church service as ceremony to celebrate his stepping forward to be a disciple of Christ.

10/4-6/2017 Power and Love Evangelism Conference

remarkable experience of God moving in new ways. brought my shofar with me (as encouraged by my wife) and ended up using it all weekend for evangelization of the Springfield, MA area.

click here for more photos of Springfield Conference

We saw people healed, people saved, and the shofar was a power tool.

Much has happened over the winter of 2017, job changes, residence changes for members, new members added to the shofar group … (winter preparation, focus adjustments, prioritizations, etc)

these shofars are the focal point of my living room (symbolic of the focal point in my walk right now)

but …

Watchmen was born, as an idea in May, 2018

06/06/2018 Watchmen became real !!

is a team of disciples using the shofar to evangelize the area with the Word and voice of God. (We reach out with the Word to the unsaved and the saved alike).

our watchmen facebook group

God has been using the Shofar (and those who sound it) to call His people, instruct His people, and relate to His people throughout the history of creation.
In just a week, the team has grown from 2-7 people with a passion to use the shofar to evangelize their areas.

06/09/2018 Tyler Hits Buttonwood Park with a Calling …

This was the resulting facebook post only 2 hrs later.

 “Thanks for all the prayers. It was a really beautiful day. Started off slow started to walk around the park and of course God led me straight into a group of about 14 people got to share them what God was doing and how he shines through us. Ended up praying for everyone as a group a really amazing experience. After ran into about 3 other people and only briefly touched on how God was at work and how I was worshipping. Really glad I listened. Step out in faith brothers. Learn the Lord’s voice I promise you that you will be blessed more than you can imagine.”

That is 17 people touched by God’s voice in one morning as a result of one man-of-God answering a simple call: “Go, that they may hear me”.


My wife, Sue and I went to Portland Maine for a weekend workshop for worship leaders (taught by Paul Baloche)

On Sunday, we drove to the Portland lighthouse and I used my shofar ,,,

Got to share with 10+ people about God and spoke with 3 Jewish people about modern day shofar use and Christianity’s foundation in Judaism