About Us

Yes, it’s two of us (a team), Sue and I.

Dave currently serves at:
Harvest Christian Church:

  • worship leader
  • I.T. support, web design and support
  • graphic design and printing
  • men’s ministry leader
  • resident comedian (although I am told that Julio is funnier)

Current Parachurch Ministry

  • Men’s discipleship leader
  • Couple’s bible study leader
  • Shofar Evangelism assistant and photographer
  • husband and father


Sue currently serves as:

  • a reflection of the Lord (no light task)
  • wife and helpmate
  • mother of two “young adults”
  • shares worship ministry w/Dave
  • shares couples study w/Dave
  • online study leader for Proverbs 31
  • speaker and small group leader at CFC118
  • preserver of Dave’s humility 🙂