Reasons for Small Group Church

Presents interaction model of fellowship
  • removal of performance mode
    • no performance model of music
    • no lecture model of Word
    • no need to “screen” sharings or testimonies
  • interactive model taught
    • music and song become personal expression
    • Word becomes personally applicable
    • sharing becomes means of connection.
  • Community
    • loving one another
    • being involved in each other’s lives
    • being able to speak to each other about issues
    • no disconnections
  • Biblical discipleship
    • exercise of gifts (by more members)
    • greater dependence on Word
    • everyone reading same passages over week and discussing in fellowship.
    • everyone learns how to learn from the Word.
    • more time spend discussing application of the Word.
    • more difficulties and obstacles are discussed in fellowship.
    • More time spent in prayer together.
  • Resources
    • no funds spent on rent
    • less overhead on equipment
    • more resources to target to outside ministry
      • homeless
      • missions
      • etc (determined by group)
  • Growth
    • small groups focus on:
      • training new leaders
      • encouraging use of gifts
      • division of cells to encourage more growth (and grows by always creating elbow room for all gifts to be expressed)
    • large groups focus on:
      • presentation of the few sharing gifts with the majority (there is little to no elbow room for others to grow)
      • transforms gathering of body into concert.

The Small Group Church model works and has been working far better than the large church model:

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