A Short Walk with God

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I drove to work early today … and had no idea why lol! ( I was not due in until 9AM but felt/prompted that I had to show up at 8AM) (in fact, when I got to Fall River, at the last intersection to turn to work, I thought “I should drive to Lafayette Park and walk around there instead” but God say “no, I said work… just go to work like I said [smiling and patient voice] “)

When I got to the parking lot, God said to “go for a walk” (and since there’s a long walking path next to the parking lot, this was pretty easy to figure out)
Walking along, I walked under a bridge covered in rotted and peeling graffiti and thought “what a mess” (walking along waiting for God to reveal Himself to me or at least the purpose for this early morning walk).
Sometimes, He speaks through scripture, Sometimes directly through His Spirit, sometimes through fellowship with other believers, or perhaps through circumstances, a song on the radio, physical events or circumstances , sometimes even a dream …
I was open to all of the above 🙂
I got to the end of the path (where it comes out to a busy city street, Plymouth Ave, in Fall River, MA) watching tons of cars flying back and forth and then noticed, all by itself, a single Canadian goose standing … eating … completely unnoticed (and quite content as it was)
I stared and thought “ this bird is unseen by everyone else because no one else here is looking for anything … I was the only one expecting a sign from God to explain why I was even out here in the first place.
I began my walk back thinking about most Christians go unnoticed since, like that goose, we are content, while being out of place, to stay off to the side, eat, and be left alone
On the way back, I had to pass back under the same bridge, the sides full of old and peeling graffiti
That’s when I noticed the drawings on the pavement that I had literally walked over earlier without even noticing. each one quite unique it it’s appearance, style, and the thought it invoked or drew out in me as I looked at them .. still amazed that I had stepped on and over these in the first passing by.
A lighter (source of light and warmth)
A demon (to remind me also of the presence and activity of the enemy).
A flower (to remind me of the beauty to be seen and appreciated).
A mushroom (which reminded me of the creativity of man).
And then I came to the same wooden bridge I first crossed
(The first time I walked over it, all I saw was its method of construction, location of the screws, it’s sturdiness, etc).
This time …
Fields of grain …
grass overgrown to where it looked like a wheat field !
Ready for the harvest. And like all the other signs … I had walked past this without even noticing that it existed.
God was showing me, all the opportunities I miss each day by acting like that goose !
We are not meant to stay safely off to the side and go unnoticed, out of place,  just surviving in the world until we someday are gone.
We are meant to be light and warmth, mindful of the enemy, but appreciating and showing others the beauty of creation and the Creator, to reflect that in our own creativity as an act of worship of The Creator, and look for fields to harvest for His kingdom.
Now, as I am finishing this writing, a bird that I cannot see is singing a new song that I have never heard before in 54 years.
and I am reminded of the scripture: “I will sing to Him a new song”
Psalm 96:1
I admit, I saw these things because I was searching for and expecting them.
(but isn’t that how we should live our lives,
searching for connection with Him and expecting a response ?)
A “short walk” with God that I pray with alter my “long walk” with Him.



εν διακονια τω θεω, Dave Cadieux

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