Dave and Sue: A Love Story

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Three years ago as I was going through a difficult time in my life, I was on Facebook and received a friend request from a man I went to High School with, many years ago (okay if you must know it was 30 years ago). I accepted his request and we immediately began catching up on our lives.  He was living in Maine and I was in Massachusetts (about 5 1/2 hours away). Dave had been a Christian since 1991, and I had just discovered the Lord only 8 months earlier. Both of us were going through a divorce and he actually tried to counsel me to stay with my husband. It wasn’t long before he realized that my marriage was too broken to be fixed at that point and my husband did not want to reconcile.

We began spending hours on the phone with each other (Thank you AT&T for providing us with unlimited call plans) and reconnected as if there were never 30 years separating us. When we first decided to meet in person, I won’t lie, I was nervous, excited, scared and doubtful. Many people didn’t think it was the right thing for me at that time. I prayed about it, and asked God to help me with this decision. At that time, I was learning as much as I could about God and what He could do for me. It was a new experience for me, and I was trying to do all the right things, be a good Christian. I didn’t want to disappoint God in this early stage of my walk.

We eventually did meet in person and connected even better than I would have ever imagined. Dave loved God and spent many hours telling me stories from the bible, played his guitar and sang worship songs, encouraging me to learn them and sing along with him. He had (and still does have) a great ability to teach basic life lessons through amazing analogies related to the bible which helped me in my new found faith and continues to help me with my walk as a Christian.

One evening after we finished watching the movie Fireproof,  Dave left the room, and came back looking nervous. He moved the coffee table out of the way, and got down on one knee. (My heart skipped a few beats… I didn’t see this coming). He asked me if I would be willing to be with him for the rest of our lives, enter the room of marriage and throw away the key. No talk of divorce ever, and and we were always to put God first in our marriage. At which point he presented me with a red twist tie (red for the blood of Christ) from a bag of 15 carrots (so I could officially say it was a 15 carrot ring). Through tears of happiness, I said YES! About a week earlier Dave had said he wanted to wait for us to be married until he could buy me a ring, and my immediate response was: “who needs a ring to prove that we love each other?” A twist tie was perfect!

IMG_0654A few months later, Dave moved back to Massachusetts with his son, dog, and guitar and we were married on May 22, 2011 on the beach in Westport (the town where we knew each other all those years ago). Thanks to posting this love story on Craigslist, we found a great little house in the perfect area to rent. Again, God was working behind the scenes and provided for our needs. We will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary in a week and I thank God every day for bringing us together. God knew what we both needed at that time in our lives, and blessed us beyond my wildest dreams. Our marriage has been God centered which I know will be the main reason that it will last a lifetime.




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